Wolff says Red Bull and Ferrari’s reliability issues are ‘funny’

Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have both finished every race so far in 2022.

Because Mercedes have not suffered with reliability issues yet in 2022, that does not mean that they can blindly trust it will remain that way.

There has been a total of seven reliability-related failures so far this year between Red Bull and Ferrari, with Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz all being bitten by mechanical issues at some point.

However, on the whole, they have adapted better to the new technical regulations than the Silver Arrows who, having made some design errors, have been struggling with “porpoising” and bouncing.

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This has been costing them time on the straight as well as immense discomfort, and neither Sir Lewis Hamilton nor George Russell have won a race yet.

They have finished third a combined five times, and this has partly been down to their superior longevity compared with the two teams ahead of them.

Having said that, Hamilton was forced to back off late on in both Australia and Spain because of overheating concerns, so they have not been completely trouble-free.

It is for that reason that Wolff advises caution when it comes to finishing races.

“It’s funny that both teams keep having their cars stop but you can’t be complacent about that because it can swing in the other direction very quickly,” he said.

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While the 50-year-old is pleased that his drivers have finished every race, the 116-point deficit to Red Bull in the Constructors’ Standings is proof enough that simply having a reliable car is not enough.

“We’re happy about our reliability,” added Wolff.

“Last year, when we look at how we went with the engine, we had the other problems. That’s why I don’t want to get too excited too soon.

“Reliability is certainly important, as important as the performance, but I don’t think will be the only factor.

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“I think development from now until the end of the season is another one, as is the budget gap, and then reliability finally.”

For the first time this season, the German side got two podiums in a row in Canada when Hamilton finished third, a week after Russell had achieved the same in Baku.