Will Verstappen Equal Hamilton’s World Championship Total?

Although these drivers are fierce rivals, Hamilton and Verstappen are at two different stages of their careers. Nevertheless, Hamilton’s legacy is cemented, and he is undoubtedly one of the most excellent drivers ever to grace Formula 1. Irrespective of whether Verstappen gets close to Lewis’s record, this is an accolade the Englishman holds regardless.

Likewise, Verstappen is building his legacy, with two titles already and a third one set to be in the bag before he turns 26. So, despite being twelve years younger, he will find himself only four titles behind the legendary Englishman.

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Today we will explore whether Lewis has another Championship left in him before he hangs his helmet up and whether there are any contenders to stop Verstappen from having an era of total dominance.

The Hamilton Dynasty

As one of the most beloved sportspeople in the United Kingdom, Sir Lewis Hamilton has shown time and time again that he can battle adversity to finish at the top of the podium. Starting with his first F1 title in 2008 at 23, he soon crossed over into the mainstream, featuring in many colossal advertising campaigns and primetime television shows.

His current tally is seven, which leaves him tied with fellow legend Michael Schumacher. That vintage cars driven by the iconic German driving wizard still fetch so much at auction long after retirement shows how highly regarded he is today.

At 38, many fans and experts don’t think he has another Championship in him, especially considering how consistently well Verstappen has raced over the last year. Still, write him off at your peril. Given Hamilton’s ability to battle adversity, if he managed to overtake Schumacher, it would leave him as the only driver in history to win 8 Championships and give Verstappen a monumental task.

Verstappen – The Man Who Would Be King

Some men and women will attempt to follow in their mother or father’s footsteps in professional sports. Emulating your parents’ achievements is a story as old as time, but as Mick Schumacher has proved, the fairytale doesn’t always go to plan.

Given that Max Verstappen comes from a racing family and his father was a professional, he has been able to harness invaluable advice and experience. As a result, he has nurtured his development to a point where he stands as the world’s greatest driver – at the minute; he is head and shoulders above any competition.

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This precocious ability was recognized from an early age, and he still holds the record for the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix when he finished top of the podium in Spain in 2016. Verstappen lifted his first Championship in 2021, equaling Lewis by winning his debut world crown at 23.

Having retained the title in 2022, he is more or less guaranteed to make it a hat trick this year. Many believe his best years are still ahead of him, and if you look at the chasing pack, nobody now can compete with Max.

The only exception to this statement is an aging Hamilton. If he can rewind the years next year and set himself clear of Schumacher, it gives Max a more challenging task in his bid to become one of the greats.

Still, some fans already believe Verstappen exhibits more extraordinary qualities than Hamilton. If you fancy a bet, Verstappen to break this record could be a market that interests you.


The Bottom Line

It might be too early to say, but all the statistics and signs look suitable for the Belgian. He will have racked up three F1 titles by this summer, barring a disastrous event, and there’s a good chance he could be a couple behind Hamilton before he turns 30. If he finds himself in this position, he will at least equal Hamilton’s record or possibly better it.

As with anything in Formula 1, there are plenty of other variables to weigh up. Plenty can take place outside of the track, which can impact the driver’s form. There could be a quick rise of another talent that pushes Verstappen and starts to collect some titles for himself, or he could simply lose form, and other drivers could have inspired campaigns.

Verstappen appears to have a calm and mature head on his shoulders for a man his age. He is grounded, knows how to win the big races, and looks set to win at least a couple more titles throughout his career. Whether he will get to seven is a big ask, but if he keeps consistent with his actions, he has a strong chance of putting himself in this elite bracket.