Why Ted Kravitz will miss 2023 Dutch GP

Ted Kravitz and Simon Lazenby will be absent from this weekend’s Formula 1 Grand Prix for an unusual reason.

Sky Sports F1 stalwarts Ted Kravitz and Simon Lazenby will be notably absent from this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix, a decision that has left fans wondering about the dynamic presenting duo’s whereabouts and its impact on the coverage. 

Kravitz, renowned for his insightful pit lane commentary, and Lazenby, the network’s primary Formula 1 presenter, have been a consistent presence, making their absence all the more intriguing.

Sky Sports F1, known for its adaptable presenting lineup, selects from a roster of 14 presenters, commentators, and analysts for each race. 

This approach ensures diverse perspectives and expertise, although not all personalities are featured simultaneously due to this rotational strategy.

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Kravitz, celebrated for his comprehensive analysis within team garages, and Lazenby, the face of Sky Sports F1’s broadcasting, have been mainstays, offering fans in-depth coverage and captivating insights. 

Nevertheless, this weekend, fans tuning in to witness the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort will have to do without their familiar commentary.

Kravitz offered clarity on their absence during a segment of his program, Ted’s Notebook, following the Belgian Grand Prix in July. 

He shared, “I won’t be there, Simon and I are doing some experimental dance at the Edinburgh Festival. 

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“I will be back, and the Notebook will return at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.” 

This isn’t the first instance of Kravitz missing a race this season due to personal reasons. 

Notably, he was absent from the presenting lineup during the Spanish Grand Prix in June, opting for an unconventional longboat holiday on the Grand Union Canal instead.

The absence of Kravitz from the pit lane has left a void in coverage for the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix. 

The question of who will fill his role remains unanswered, and recent speculation hints at Martin Brundle, who temporarily took on the role during Friday practice in Barcelona. 

Brundle humorously remarked on his “promotion” to the pit lane duties but later expressed his frustration with the lack of on-track action.

With racing returning after the summer race, Formula 1 fans anticipate an eventful weekend. 

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Notably, Max Verstappen, the hometown hero, has the opportunity to secure his ninth consecutive victory. 

Should he achieve this feat, he will equal the record set by Red Bull legend Sebastian Vettel in 2013. 

Verstappen’s dominance, combined with Red Bull’s exceptional performance this season, sets the pairing on course to win both world championships.