Why Pierre Gasly was ‘pretty upset’

Alpine’s Pierre Gasly battled through the Dutch GP to secure his first podium since the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

A series of dramatic twists unfolded at the Dutch Grand Prix, with Pierre Gasly emerging as a central figure in a penalty saga that ultimately propelled him to the podium, clinching a third-place finish. 

Gasly’s journey from initial frustration to triumphant celebration painted a vivid picture of the chaotic and rain-soaked race.

The race’s narrative took an unexpected turn when Gasly was handed a five-second penalty early on, a decision that left him “pretty upset.” 

However, the pendulum of fortune swung back his way as Sergio Perez, a fellow competitor, received an identical penalty in the closing stages of the race. 

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The late penalty against Perez allowed Gasly to secure the third-place spot on the podium, transforming his earlier disappointment into exultation.

Reflecting on the penalty drama, Gasly acknowledged, “I was pretty upset I had a five-second penalty earlier in the race, so I thought it was 1-1. 

Then I pushed as hard as I could to stay within five seconds and managed to do it. It was a very long race, very challenging from start to finish.”

The race was a true test of skill and adaptability as heavy rain disrupted proceedings, prompting a red flag with a mere seven laps left. 

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Amidst the uncertainty and changing conditions, Gasly showcased his determination to thrive. 

His sentiment after the race was one of triumph and camaraderie, as he exclaimed, “I just want to say LET’S GO! What a race.” 

He expressed his joy for the Alpine team, remarking, “I’m super pleased for all the guys to get P3.”

The podium celebrations were shared by Fernando Alonso, who secured second place after a valiant effort. 

Reflecting on the challenging race, Alonso commented, “It was a very intense race, obviously in the wet conditions we were fast.” 

He praised the trust he had in his car, crucial for excelling in the slippery conditions. 

The Spanish driver also highlighted the significance of the occasion, sharing his thoughts on the unique experience of racing at the Dutch Grand Prix.

Race winner Max Verstappen encapsulated the emotion of the day, emphasising the relentless support of the fans despite adverse weather conditions.

Verstappen’s victory was a culmination of strategic decisions and skilful driving in challenging circumstances. 

He expressed his pride and gratitude, stating, “Even with all the bad weather, the rain, the fans are still going at it. 

“So an incredible atmosphere. 

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“I’m going to enjoy this weekend.” 

Verstappen acknowledged the pressure that accompanies each race and celebrated his accomplishment, concluding, “It’s always tough. 

“The pressure is on to perform and I’m very happy to win here.”