‘What others teams don’t have’: Red Bull’s suspension trick revealed

Red Bull is dominating the 2023 season, having easily won every race so far, including the Sprint in Baku, building a 122 point lead in the Constructors’ Championship.

Former Formula 1 team manager Peter Windsor believes he has uncovered Red Bull’s suspension trick that has helped them build up a runaway lead in the Constructors’ race.

Max Verstappen picked up victory in Bahrain, Australia and Miami, while Sergio Perez took P1 in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

The strong showing from Red Bull has secured the team 224 points after just five races, putting them 122 ahead of their nearest rivals and on course for a second consecutive Constructor’s trophy.  

The start to the season has been the most successful in Red Bull’s time on the grid, as the team looks to cement their position at the top of the sport.

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While the new era of regulations was designed to allow cars to compete closer together, Red Bull have found a design that puts them far ahead of their rivals. 

Windsor cited a “trick” suspension design that has provided the key to the RB19’s speed advantage over others on the grid, as they run closer to the ground.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Windsor explained how the innovative design is a part of what has made the car aerodynamically efficient – another successful move by chief technical officer Adrian Newey.

“Obviously [the suspension is] part of the overall thing, but it’s the overall aero package that Adrian’s created and he’s maximising that with anti-dive, anti-squat, all the things that you do within the regulations to try to get a stable platform.

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“But the platform itself is an incredibly efficient aero platform – and that is what the others teams don’t have.

“It’s not that they can’t control it the way Red Bull are, they don’t have the right thing to control in the first place.

“That’s the issue, for sure. I think the anti-dive, anti-squat thing is very visible and that’s why people grasp it, but the reality is it comes down to Adrian and his aero team and the car they’ve built around the aero parameters that they need.

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“As a result, the packaging department, the suspension department, battery department, power unit [department] – whatever it is – they’ve all done a perfect job to complement everything Adrian wanted to do on that car.

“That’s not easy to do as well.

“I think that points to the structure of the team and how well Red Bull functions as a structure in terms of the design and the development of the car.”