What are AMG rims and why are they so popular?

AMG is the main supplier of wheels for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As the manufacturer assures, three qualities have merged in the company’s products: style, elegance, and high efficiency.

The genuine AMG mercedes wheels are manufactured in Germany, which guarantees high quality, the use of the most advanced technologies, and the use of specialized equipment. You can buy such discs both from official dealers and with the help of Mercteil.


In the manufacturing process, high-quality alloys, materials, chemical additives, and elements are used. Over the past seven years, the AMG company has had one of the lowest indicators of marriage, fakes. In many ways, this is due to a multi-level system of quality control, implementation, and protection.

Overview of mercedes amg rims. Manufacturing quality

There are three color options available for mercedes benz amg rims:

  • Chromium;
  • Silver;
  • Black amg rims.

One of the latest innovations is the application of patterns by argon welding to the surface of the rim. The model range of disks is numerous.

Alloy wheels with spokes

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, there are also practical ones. The lightweight, hollow interior of the structure and the strength of the spokes are the main differences between the “cast” ones and other modifications.

Maintainability: damaged, deformed spokes are easy to replace with new ones in case of damage.

Spoke wheels

Cooling brake caliper, pads, and cylinder. The wider the holes between the spokes, the better the ventilation of the caliper. In the period from 2005 to 2010, sales of AMG discs were especially high due to the successful implementation of air circulation technology.

Disadvantage: the price, which is higher than analogs by 30-35%.

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Magnesium or aluminum

The material from which the amg alloy wheels are made is aluminum. It is a good, durable chemical element with a high rate of corrosion resistance.

At the same time, aluminum is also soft. Chemical additives are added to the cooking mixture to toughen the disc design. As a rule, it is silicon, silica.

aluminum rims

After casting, a protective film is formed on the disc surface, which prevents the development of corrosion.

Magnesium wheels have an advantage over aluminum ones in terms of weight and technical characteristics. The magnesium rim has a strength index of 2.7 times higher than aluminum.

The manufacturing quality of Amg rims

AMG products gained their popularity due to the quality guarantee provided on each disc – the company has a minimal risk of manufacturing defects, as well as a fairly loyal policy of compensation in the event of a warranty defect of discs detected at the time of operation. AMG wheels have a long service life due to the following:

  • The use of high-quality alloys – alloys with the highest concentration of aluminum or titanium, as well as a minimum amount of additives, are used for casting discs. When smelting raw materials, the metal powder goes through several stages of purification, as a result of which the risk of ingress of undesirable elements that worsen the characteristics of the finished alloy is reduced;
  • Implementation of automated technologies – more than 80% of technological processes are carried out using specialized equipment under the control of a central server, which minimizes the risk of error and the human factor. The introduction of automated control systems into production allowed AMG to reduce the cost of production and increase product quality simultaneously;
  • Detailed checks after production – before being sent to a retail outlet for sale, all AMG wheels undergo 4-step quality control, which determines the resistance of wheels to physical and chemical influences. Such a solution makes it possible to detect the presence of microcracks in the disks and, if necessary, send the defective version for remelting.

Note! There is a high risk of acquiring a fake AMG replica on the world market, which is explained by the high popularity and cost of producing these discs. In the absence of quality marks on the discs or when the product is sold at a lower market price tag, it is advisable to refuse the purchase. Otherwise, you can overpay or get a low-quality product that will negatively affect the vehicle’s technical capabilities.

Some tips

Before buying a rim, consult with service station specialists, and tuning studio employees. Make sure that the standard offset is more than enough for the full functioning of the tire.

Light-alloy, made of aluminum resistant to salts, and aggressive environments. Magnesium-based discs have improved characteristics, but are more demanding on the quality of the protective coating.

Fans of extreme driving get wheels with a large number of spokes. The more spokes, the more rigid the design of the rim. Do not systematically operate the machine on poorly paved roads.