Watch: Unseen horror Lance Stroll footage discovered

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll had an eventful weekend at the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix.

Onboard footage of Lance Stroll potentially passing out during Sunday’s Qatar Grand Prix has been discovered and posted on social media, with the race being described as a “complete disaster”.

Last weekend’s race at the Lusail International Circuit was one of the hardest of every drivers’ career, with the unbearable heat and humidity having resulted in dangerous driving conditions.

Several health problems were reported after the race which simply highlighted how dangerous it was, something which was already visible during the race.

George Russell was one of many drivers who opened their visor at every opportunity, to try and get some cool air into their helmet.

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Logan Sargeant was forced to retire due to feeling unwell and was seen struggling to climb out of his car.

It was lately revealed that he’d been suffering from severe dehydration.

Fernando Alonso was burned in his cockpit in the opening laps due to the heat in the cars surpassing 50°C, leading him to ask Aston Martin to throw cold water into the car.

Aston Martin failed to do so due to it being banned, as it could be used to increase the car’s weight.

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When the race finished, most of the drivers instantly laid on the floor after gingerly climbing out of their cars, something which a few required help doing.

Stroll was seen stumbling when he got out of his AMR23 and went straight to an ambulance for help, which was parked in parc ferme.

It was even revealed that a lot of drivers took themselves to the medical centre for help, with dehydration and heat exhaustion having been an issue throughout the paddock.

Lando Norris even shared that some drivers had passed out in the medical centre, whilst Stroll shockingly revealed that he passed out during the race.

Thankfully, the Canadian made it to the end; however, he could’ve had a deadly accident had he remained passed out for longer than a second or two.

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A fan-made Aston Martin Twitter/X page posted a clip of one of the moments where they think Stroll lost consciousness, based on the way his head banged side to side in the cockpit down the start/finish straight.

“Lance Stroll driving down the straight and his head bangs from left to right. After the race Stroll said he passed out in the car, in this clip for me it looks like he wasn’t really 100% conscious,” wrote @AMF1News, along with the onboard footage of Stroll driving down the start/finish straight.

“This race was a complete disaster considering how many drivers had health problems.”