Watch: Max Verstappen endures comical pre-race nightmare

Max Verstappen is often seen on stream competing in sim events for Team Redline.

Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen caused an uproar of laughter ahead of a recent sim-race, with the Dutchman having unplugged his monitor just a minute before the race got underway.

Whilst on the circuit things have been near enough faultless for the 25-year-old, off the circuit in the virtual world he’s been having a complete nightmare.

Verstappen is an excellent sim racer and has competed in several high-profile events over the years, as part of Team Redline.

Some have stated that the Red Bull driver is just as good in the sim world as he is in the F1 world, although, his recent blunder would question the truth of that.

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Verstappen somehow managed to unplug his monitor just a minute before a race started, something his team-mates found hilarious.

“S*** I unplugged the monitor now I can’t find the hole,” said Verstappen, resulting in an eruption of laughter from his team.

The Dutchman is seemingly always driving, whether that be in F1 or in the sim, with Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko having shared that Verstappen was having a sim fitted to his private jet.

Verstappen denied Marko’s comments and stated that he’d got it wrong, with it instead having been a new sim in his home.

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Sim racing is clearly very important to him, perhaps even more important that racing for Red Bull, given that his Drivers’ Championship trophy could be seen behind the monitor he unplugged.

He recently caused a stir in the sim world after quitting the Le Mans 24 Hours virtual, due to constant issues with the event’s servers.

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As a result, he hit out at the event’s organisers and the platform it was run on, before stating that he’d never compete in it again unless the platform is changed for 2024.

Verstappen’s rant was more due to the fact that the Dutchman does take sim racing incredibly seriously, with him only wanting what’s best for the sim community.

When he is competing in the sim world Verstappen tends to even stream the action himself, something which allows his fans to see a different side of him.