Watch: Lewis Hamilton reacts to Max Verstappen’s and Fernando Alonso’s ‘rear end’

Mercedes have struggled this season with low-speed corners, an area where Red Bull and Aston Martin thrive.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton enjoyed a comical moment with Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso at the end of Canadian Grand Prix, where he complimented their “rear end”.

Hamilton finished third on Sunday at the Circuit de Gilles-Villeneuve to secure back-to-back podiums, something which certainly wasn’t expected ahead of the weekend.

Verstappen claimed victory for the sixth time this season whilst Alonso secured second, following a great battle with his former McLaren team-mate.

Hamilton had actually overtaken Alonso on the opening lap following an excellent start; however, he was overtaken by the Aston Martin driver mid-race.

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Nevertheless, a podium was still an excellent result for the seven-time Canadian GP winner, who was expecting a tough few days in Montreal.

With low-speed corners being one of their biggest weaknesses, Mercedes expected to struggle last weekend, given that they lack in traction coming out of the corners.

This is an area where Red Bull and Aston Martin are strong, something the Briton complimented the pair on in the cool-down room.

“You rear end is insane!” said Hamilton to Verstappen.

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“Mine?” asked Alonso, who thought his former team-mate was talking to him.

“His,” Hamilton replied, whilst pointing at Verstappen, before adding: “Yours is pretty awesome too.”

The trio certainly formed an “iconic” podium, given that they boast 11 titles between them.

Hamilton went as far as labelling it as a “privilege” to join the duo on the rostrum, something which has happened twice now this season already.

“It’s a privilege to be up here fighting these two who’ve done incredible in their careers,” Hamilton said in the post-race press conference.

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“And this is quite an iconic top three. I don’t know if there’s been a top three like this ever before. I don’t believe there has.

“But yeah, so hopefully there’ll be more and hopefully, as Fernando said, there’s a lot of respect between us as we were able to race so closely and trust in one another.

“I’m really hoping at some stage we have more of a level playing field in our cars, and then we’ll have a much more exciting race, I think in the future.”