WATCH: Fernando Alonso’s Renault R25 Distracts Lewis Hamilton During Interview

Lewis Hamilton described it as the “greatest sound of a racing car ever” and was clearly distracted by the car.

Renault are celebrating their 400th grand prix in Formula One this weekend and, ahead of their rebrand to Alpine next season, Fernando Alonso is driving the iconic, Championship-winning R25 at the Yas Marina Circuit to celebrate their time in the sport.

Alonso was on the racetrack while Lewis Hamilton was being interviewed by a reporter – and it was clear to see that the seven-time World Champion was distracted by the powerful yet refined sound of the Renault R25’s V10.

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After being asked a question about the pace of the Mercedes W11 this weekend, Hamilton started his answer before being interrupted by the howls of the R25.

He then turned to his side before saying: “That sound is just so good. I mean, it’s the greatest sound of a racing car ever. I hate that they got rid of them.”

The current generation of F1 engines – the 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 hybrids – are considerably more powerful than the 3.0-litre V10s used prior to the 2006 season, but almost every single motorsport fan will agree they are no match when it comes to sound and exhilaration.

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