Watch: F1 legend battles through security at Miami GP

Sir Jackie Stewart was on hand to help Martin Brundle ahead of the Miami Grand Prix.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle received some incredible support on Sunday at the Miami Grand Prix, during his famous pre-race grid walk.

Having not been at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Brundle’s grid walk returned on Sunday at the Miami International Autodome, where as usual chaos reigned supreme.

Brundle’s grid walks are usually a highlight of Sky Sports F1’s pre-race build-up, given that quite literally anything can happen.

What makes his grid walks that much better than most is his ability to try and catch a word with absolutely anyone and everyone, even if they aren’t interested.

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One person he was under instruction not to talk to, though, was Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, who had an awkward chat with Brundle last season at the British Grand Prix.

This wasn’t an issue, though, as whilst walking the grid, Brundle spotted 20-time tennis Grand Slam winner Roger Federer, who was surrounded by security.

For Brundle, though, Federer’s heavy security was an issue; however, three-time F1 World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart was on hand to help.

Stewart is an absolute legend of the sport and at 83 years old is often seen roaming the paddock wherever he pleases.

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With this in mind, Brundle asked Stewart if he could grab Federer for a quick chat, given that he’s viewed as F1 royalty.

“Can you get in there, Jackie?” asked Brundle, whilst Federer was being escorted off the grid by several security guards.

Stewart didn’t need to be asked twice by Brundle, with the Scotsman having quickly gotten himself amongst Federer’s security guards.

“Jackie, don’t get yourself in trouble for me, for goodness sake,” said Brundle, after the Scot tried to get through the tennis legend’s security.

“You can’t beat up Sir Jackie Stewart!” shouted Brundle at the guards.

Hilariously, Stewart did manage to grab Federer, who went on to have a quick chat with Brundle, much to his guards’ clear displeasure.

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Stewart later took to Instagram to address the comical incident, where he shared that he’d do “anything” for Brundle.

“The security did a good job bringing me back behind the ropes…I haven’t had to sneak past security in a while, but anything for you @martinbrundlef1‼️” wrote the F1 legend.

Following the comical incident, it’s fair to say that nothing will stop Stewart!