Watch: DJ Khaled embarrasses himself at 2023 Miami GP

Aston Martin posted a video with DJ Khaled onto social media during the 2023 Miami GP.

Celebrity DJ Khaled was seemingly making the most of his time at the Miami Grand Prix recently, with the American DJ having spent considerable time with Aston Martin ahead of the fifth round of the 2023 Formula 1 season.

At the Miami International Autodrome, there were celebrities everywhere you looked, with several having made the trip to the first American F1 race of the season.

As a result, there were plenty questionable moments, with DJ Khaled having been labelled as “cringe”.

Several clips involving DJ Khaled made their way onto social media, with Aston Martin having posted a video of him giving somewhat of a team talk.

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“Every winner has a great team. There is no “I” in team, right?” Khaled asked the Silverstone-based team, before saying his famous line.

“It’s like we the best. We (points towards the British team) the best. We are F1.” 

If that wasn’t enough, he was later seen with a wheel gun, pretending to change Fernando Alonso’s tyre.

What made the clip comical, was that Alonso’s tyres were still covered at the time.

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In the video of DJ Khaled pretending to change a tyre, several Aston Martin mechanics can be seen in the background attempting to hide their laughter, whilst some couldn’t help themselves from cracking a smile.

DJ Khaled’s antics actually went down horribly with fans, with several having questioned what he was even doing.

“F1 in the US is the biggest cringe fest,” wrote one fan on social media, as reported by

Another commented: “As an American this is cringe af.”

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One fan even criticised Aston Martin for collaborating with the DJ: “This is a very rare aston L but common Khaled cringe.”

Many are expecting this season’s Las Vegas Grand Prix to be similar to Miami, in regard to the presence of celebrities who don’t follow the sport.

As F1 continues to grow, though, the likelihood is that more races in the future will be heavily attended by celebrities, with several believing that this is resulting in the sport pricing out traditional fans from attending.