Vettel Reveals He Doesn’t Want Hamilton To Win Another F1 Championship

Aston Martin F1 driver Sebastian Vettel has revealed that he is hoping that Max Verstappen wins this season’s Drivers’ Championship to stop Sir Lewis Hamilton from securing an eighth title and breaking Michael Schumacher’s record.

Hamilton and Schumacher are currently both level on seven World Championships each, and with the Brit being just a handful of points adrift of Verstappen at the top of the standings, he is in a good position to win a record-breaking eighth F1 crown this year.

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Schumacher was Vettel’s hero growing up, and the former Ferrari driver wasn’t shy to say he is hoping that Hamilton doesn’t triumph again.

“I would be happy if Max wins the World title this year,” Vettel said this week.

“That would mean Michael Schumacher would keep his record of seven titles. Michael is my hero, as everyone knows, and that’s why I would be happy if Max makes it.”

However, the four-time World Champion believes that if Hamilton does win an eighth World Championship, he will deserve the “full respect” of everyone in Formula 1

“One thing is clear to me: if Lewis makes it and gets his eighth title, then he deserves our full respect,” Vettel added.

Asked who he believes will win the 2021 Drivers’ Championship, Vettel said he didn’t want to make a prediction just yet:

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“I don’t want to commit myself to that. What I only know: I won’t do it this year.”

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