Verstappen & Vettel Disagree With FIA’s Hamilton Punishment

The two drivers suggested Hamilton shouldn't have been awarded penalty points for the pre-race infringements.

Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen have both expressed their disagreement with the FIA’s initial decision to add another two penalty points onto Lewis Hamilton’s super licence.

“He’s been punished enough with the time penalty. I’m not sure whether the penalty points are correct,” Verstappen said after the Russian Grand Prix.

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Vettel, who accused Ferrari of compromising his strategy to help team-mate Charles Leclerc, agreed with the Dutchman.

“If you do any crazy things on the track, then it’s okay. But no points should be awarded for minor offences.”

The FIA later rescinded the two penalty points Hamilton was awarded for completing two practice starts outside of the designated area of the pitlane.

However, the Brit still feels aggrieved by the ten-second penalty he had to serve in the race, and he accused the FIA of trying to “stop” him.

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