‘Usually more Lewis’: Max Verstappen’s brilliant reaction to Sergio Perez revelation

Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen are on the verge of winning their first Constructors' Championship together.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez are on the verge of clinching Red Bull’s first Constructors’ Championship since 2013, with the Austrian side currently boasting a massive 139-point lead over Ferrari.

Verstappen has been particularly dominant this season, with the reigning World Champion having won 11 races so far this season.

His victory at the recent Italian Grand Prix was incredibly his first ever at the ‘Temple of Speed’, in what was his fifth consecutive win of the season.

The Dutchman is closing in rapidly on Sebastian Vettel’s and Michael Schumacher’s joint record of 13 wins in a season, something the Red Bull driver could match at the Japanese Grand Prix and potentially eclipse at the United States Grand Prix.

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Verstappen could actually seal his second Drivers’ Championship at the upcoming race in Singapore, due to having a 116-point lead over Charles Leclerc.

Pérez is currently third in the standings, 125 points behind his extraordinary team-mate.

The Mexican has fallen away somewhat this season, despite having started the season incredibly strongly.

Many put Pérez down as a potential championship contender after he won the Monaco Grand Prix; however, since then he’s been a shadow of his early-season self and has massively failed to deliver.

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With Pérez failing to challenge for victory, it makes him seemingly the perfect Number Two driver, with Verstappen clearly being prioritised by the Austrian’s.

Pérez has faced some team orders this season to allow Verstappen past, whereas the Dutchman hasn’t.

Despite this, the duo appears to get on very well, with Pérez always keen to support the team.

A hilarious video has recently emerged which involves Pérez telling Verstappen who his family’s favourite driver is.

Whilst it’s difficult to work out when the video was recorded, a safe bet would be to assume that it was towards the start of the pair’s partnership in 2021.

The video, which was uploaded onto Instagram by formulazaki, shows the duo deep in conversation, with Pérez revealing something to Verstappen which would come as a huge shock to the Dutchman.

“You know who your favourite driver is?” Pérez asked Verstappen on who the Dutchman’s family like.

“It’s, er… you, me of course… and Lewis,” the Mexican said, revealing his family’s favourites.

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“Ah really,” exclaimed Verstappen

“But usually more Lewis,” Pérez hilariously said.

“Well that has to change,” Verstappen joked.