Toto Wolff’s access to information infuriates team bosses

It's been claimed that Toto Wolff has access to additional information via his wife, Susie Wolff.

Formula 1 team bosses are becoming furious with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, following claims that he has access to information which they don’t.

It’s been reported in the latest issue of Business F1 Magazine that complaints have been made to the FIA, with some believing that there’s a conflict of interests between Wolff and his wife, Susie, who is F1 Academy’s managing director.

According to the magazine, some unnamed team principals have made ‘unofficial representations’ to the governing body, accusing Wolff of having access to information before anyone else through his wife’s role.

“The information is flowing both ways from us and to Toto but of course we are not getting the benefit of that, he is and they are,” an anonymous source is quoted as saying.

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Reportedly, some team principals became suspicion of the Mercedes boss after he had ‘advance information’ about a topic which was discussed at a meeting, something which stunned most of those in attendance.

Whether FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem will take any action remains to be seen, although he has, according to the publication, already spoken to one team principal about the issue.

An unnamed ex-team principal believes it’s not right for Toto and Susie to both be in such high positions of authority, with them believing that it’s “ridiculous conflict of interest”.

“Imagine that Geri Horner or Raquel Stroll were appointed to head up Formula 2 or got a job at Formula 1 or Liberty,” a former team principal said.

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“It would be a ridiculous conflict of interest, it simply wouldn’t be tolerated.”

Should Wolff be gaining information from his wife, then it will ask questions as to whether he’s fit to hold his role or whether Susie needs to be removed.

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It wouldn’t be the first time that Wolff gained additional information before most others, as in 2022 he was seemingly aware of Red Bull having breached the budget cap before the governing body officially confirmed it.

However, on that occasion, the majority of the paddock were already aware of what the Milton Keynes-based squad had done.

It’s a situation which the FIA will likely monitor closely, especially if they feel like it gives the Silver Arrows an unfair advantage.