Toto Wolff speaks out on quitting Mercedes

Toto Wolff has led Mercedes to eight Constructors' Championships since 2014, but the team are struggling once again this year.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has ruled out leaving the Silver Arrows following their current downfall, with the Austrian being convinced that he “can make my contribution”.

There is no doubt that Wolff has been an extraordinary team boss since taking on the role from Ross Brawn in 2013, with the 51-year-old having led Mercedes to eight consecutive Constructors’ Championships from 2014-2021.

Mercedes’ run of eight titles in a row is the longest in the history of F1, highlighting how unbelievable an achievement it is and just how good a job Wolff has done since moving to the Brackley-based team.

The new aerodynamic regulations have stalled Mercedes’ run, though, with the Germans having made a mess of the new regs.

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Last season saw the side slip to third in the Constructors’ Championship, whilst this season isn’t looking any better.

Whatever Mercedes try they just appear to be unable to return to the front of the field, with a new concept set to be introduced as a result.

The side are determined to get back to winning ways, though, with Wolff having shared that there’s “so much support” amongst the team to win once again.

“We’ve been through all the ups and downs and there’s not a millimetre of doubt,” Wolff told Speed Week.

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“There’s so much support from them to get us back on track. We couldn’t ask for better support.”

Mercedes’ difficult spell hasn’t dampened Wolff’s spirits in leading the Germans, with him being convinced that he is still the right person to lead the team.

He has openly admitted, though, that he would “consider passing the baton” to another person if he’s told that he’s no longer “contributing”, with the Austrian not wanting to hold the Silver Arrows back.

“I really enjoy being the team leader of this team,” he said. “I think I can make my contribution.

“But if one day I come to that conclusion – or if people close to me tell me I’m not contributing – then I’ll consider passing the baton to someone else. I wouldn’t be ashamed of that.

“Then I would criticise from the sidelines, from a TV screen, and know better than everyone else. But until then I think I’ll keep enjoying it.”

Wolff has already faced criticism after just two races due to Mercedes’ poor start to 2023, with the boss having effectively ruled them out of title contention.

Many have questioned why he’s ruled them out so early in the campaign; however, Wolff has responded by stating that they aren’t in a position to challenge at the front.

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“We’ve only completed two races this year,” he told Sky Deutschland.

“But is it realistic that we’ll soon be attacking right at the front when we look at the gaps now?

“No, it’s not.”