Toto Wolff defends FIA as he downplays rule which will anger Lewis Hamilton

Drivers are now banned from making any political gestures without prior approval from the FIA.

Formula 1 is watched by millions of people all around the world on a weekly basis, making it the ideal platform to convey positive messages.

The likes of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have made sure in recent years that they use their fame and exposure to the maximum of its potential, making political gestures for the world to see.

Vettel wore helmet in Canada last year that protested against the environmental crimes that are taking place in the country, while Hamilton wore a t-shirt calling for the arrest of the police officers that killed Breonna Taylor unjustly at the last Tuscan Grand Prix.

The drivers will now be forbidden from making political, personal or religious gestures without prior permission following the latest rule change by the FIA.

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Drivers have already been forced to wear their race suits on the podium to stop the display of t-shirt and have now been silenced even further, leading to anger from some within the sport.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has revealed that Lewis Hamilton will address the issue when he returns from the off-season, but has admitted that personally, he is reserving his judgement about the new rule until the season has got underway.

“I think we need to see how this really pans out,” the Austrian told

“We understand that sports are not here to be involved in politics but on the contrary, unite, and I have no doubts that the FIA mean well and want to achieve the right things.

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“It is just about aligning that with the drivers who have been more outspoken in the past, and every time when Mohammed [Ben Sulayem] has spoken to Lewis, and the other way around, it has ended as a positive conversation.

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“I have no doubt that once people sit at the table together, things will not appear as harsh as when they are written down in the off-season.”

Former F1 driver Nico Rosberg has urged the current drivers on the grid to follow Hamilton’s example and use their social media platforms for good.

The Brit often shares good causes to his Instagram story but has admitted in recent weeks that he does not have the time or power to help everyone, calling on his fellow drivers for their support.