Toto Wolff branded a ‘PR merchant’ after making shocking claim about racism

Sir Lewis Hamilton faced racial abuse at the Austrian GP.

Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff has been labelled a ‘PR merchant’ on social media, after an interview he did with the Financial Times has come to light.

Whilst in the interview he revealed that the older generation and the ‘Drive to Survive’ generation have different outlooks on life, especially in regard to racism, the Austrian explained that he doesn’t “see any racism” in F1.

Following on from Nelson Piquet’s racist outburst against Sir Lewis Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone’s questionable comments about the Russian president, people supposedly “think twice” now before talking.

“I don’t see any racism in the current state of Formula 1,” Wolff said to the Financial Times.

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“I could call some of my colleagues [many] names, but not racist.”

With Wolff being aware of everything Hamilton has had to deal with since being in the paddock, it’s a bizarre comment to make from someone so close to the seven-time World Champion.

The comment in question was shared on social media site Twitter, where it’s fair to say many have expressed their shock and disappointment that Wolff has failed to admit that racism exists in the sport.

One twitter user commented: “Oh Toto. The old boys club of F1 claims another one.”

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Whilst others spoke in a similar tone of “knowing what he knows about what Lewis has faced, as his team principal, how does he say this? yikes, c’mon big dawg.”

F1 Twitter is certainly furious with Wolff, especially as the Austrian has in the past said that he fully supports Hamilton in the fight against inequality.

The 37-year-old driver has been the only black driver in the sport for a number of years and has faced racism throughout his career.

Despite this, Hamilton has overcome relentless barriers to become arguably the greatest F1 driver of all time.

The Brit faced racism as recently as the Austrian Grand Prix, where he was met with abuse by Max Verstappen fans.

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With Hamilton having suffered racial abuse so recently, it further adds to the confusion of why Wolff would openly make such an incorrect statement, especially when his own driver is the victim of it.

It is without a doubt Wolff will be asked about his comments, with an explanation certainly needed.

“Toto Wolff claims there is no racism literally DAYS after HIS driver was racially abused… how can you possibly be this out of touch,” questioned another furious Twitter user.