Toto Wolff admits he discussed Tommy Hilfiger deal in Lewis Hamilton contract talks

Lewis Hamilton’s renewed partnership with Mercedes has paved the way for them to continue working together into the future.

Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, has expressed his conviction that the relationship between the team and Lewis Hamilton should extend far beyond the racetrack. 

This declaration comes on the heels of Hamilton’s recent contract extension, promising to keep the seven-time world champion in the Formula 1 arena into his forties, as he pursues an unprecedented legacy in the sport.

Despite a winless streak since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Hamilton’s unwavering passion for Formula 1 shines through in his exceptional performances this season. 

These achievements have seen him claim a remarkable third place in the drivers’ championship, despite piloting a car that lacks the capacity to consistently vie for race victories.

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Hamilton himself has hinted at the potential for further contracts, hinting at his desire to solidify his enduring legacy in the world of Formula 1. 

While the renowned Briton has diversifications outside the racing sphere, including a slew of successful businesses and a burgeoning career in fashion design with the iconic Tommy Hilfiger brand, he has also articulated his aspiration to embrace parenthood once his racing days are over.

In light of these developments, Wolff has indicated that the partnership with Hamilton could well outlast the current contract, which is slated to conclude at the end of 2025. 

In his own words, Wolff expressed, “In the contract negotiations, we discussed his current activities, such as the Tommy Hilfiger line and his future as an entrepreneur. 

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“But his primary focus must invariably be racing, which undeniably remains Lewis’s forte and takes precedence at this juncture.”

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Wolff’s outlook is one of openness to what the future may hold, with an emphasis on preserving a collaborative relationship with arguably the most exceptional driver in Mercedes’ storied history. 

He stated, “We are very open to what may transpire in the future: maintaining a functional partnership with the greatest driver ever to grace Mercedes is unequivocally a magnificent prospect. 

“In my estimation, it is a journey that should persist, in tandem, extending beyond the confines of competitive racing.”