Top 5 Things To Know About License Plate Lookup

The license plate number of any vehicle is just as important as the car itself. This indicates that such a car has been duly registered under the regulations of the country in which the vehicle is being used. Also, the characteristics of these license plates differ, as they are also affected by the various regions in which they are duly registered.

More importantly, these license plates make it easier to identify and monitor the critical details of any car. Therefore, many people engage in license plate lookup. A license plate lookup involves sourcing information on a particular vehicle. As a prospective car buyer, you can use the free license plate lookup by Epicvin, which allows you to get verified information on a car’s accident history, usage, and a host of other important information. However, before you delve into searching for the perfect vehicle for you via license plate lookups, there are some exciting things you may need to know about license plate lookups.

What Kind of Information Can You Get Via a License Plate Lookup

You can uncover a lot of information about a particular car through a license plate lookup. For instance, if a driver hits your car and speeds off, you can pen down the license plate number, source for the driver’s name, and file a lawsuit.

Additionally, suppose you are a prospective car buyer looking for a used car. In that case, you can use the car’s license plate number, run a free lookup, and obtain vital information about the vehicle. Engaging a third-party lookup site allows you to gain access to certain information that will typically not be accessible to the public. This restriction is due to the regulations placed by governmental agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which involves tons of paperwork and red-tapism.

Engaging the free license plate lookup by EpicVin, for instance, will allow you access to the following:

1.    Public Records

Through this free license plate lookup by EpicVin, you can obtain meaningful details about a vehicle’s prior owner. In addition, you can further get information about the driver’s possible felonies, misdemeanors, and even felonies —but of course, that is not the meat of this discourse.

Through a license plate lookup, you can obtain crucial information about a car on its specifications, fuel efficiency, market value, safety rating, warranties, and a host of other information.

2.    Traffic Court Records

Although this information may not be the most important to a prospective car buyer, it may be helpful for a prospective buyer of a used car to gather information and relevant facts about the current registered owner of the vehicle. You can also obtain information about traffic accidents, court data, and even traffic law violations by the previous owners and drivers of the car.

3.    Maintenance history

You can gather relevant facts about a car’s maintenance record through a license plate lookup. This report may also contain salvage, junk, and loss records.

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You Can Also Engage in Reverse License Plate

Where you don’t have a car’s particular vehicle information number (VIN), you can engage in what is known as the “reverse license plate lookup.”The requirements for such license plate lookup include the plate number of the car and the state that issued such plate number. Through this, you can discover comprehensive information about the car in question.

With free license plate lookup by EpicVin, you can engage in cost-efficient and time-saving license plate search. You can access the factory-issued model information through our plate search, including the year, engine, and other information. In addition, through our free license plate search, you can avoid buying or using cars prone to legal issues or hidden accident damage brands.

Limitations on License Plate Number Lookups

As mentioned earlier, a ton of restrictions are placed on getting information on vehicles that may have been previously used. At this juncture, it is also essential to state that certain opinions abound that EpicVin gathers information about a vehicle’s history through illegal means. Contrary to this inference, EpicVin collects its data from verifiable databases, such as the United State Department of Transportation and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Regarding gathering the correct information for its users, EpicVin ensures that only information gotten through these publicly verifiable documents is granted to its users. Aso, when getting a used car, you may be required to obtain written consent or legal authorization for full data access.

Regarding limitations placed on license plate number lookups, the United States passed the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act in 1993. The implication of this law is to prohibit states from granting private owner information in license plate lookups. Nevertheless, a few exceptions exist where these pieces of data can be given out. These exceptions include the following:

  • Governmental agencies may need such information as it may be incidental to their work.
  • Granting out the information when it comes to matters of driver safety or theft.
  • Litigants seeking such information in the pursuit of a case.

Is Epicvin License Plate Check Service Free?

With the free license plate lookup by EpicVin, you don’t have to worry about expending any cost whatsoever. You also don’t have to bother about any hidden charges as well. With EpicVin, you are guaranteed quality service that does not cost a dime.

How Do I Perform a free license Plate Check with EpicVin?

Finally, if you want to carry out a license plate lookup on EpicVin’s website, simply head to the Lookup page of the site. Then, enter the license plate and state where it was registered, and hit ‘Check Plate.’ Alternatively, you can perform a reverse license plate lookup using the above steps.


In conclusion, license plate lookups ease you from the stress of gathering the required information about a vehicle. At EpicVin, we assure you of verifiable details at no cost whatsoever!