Top 5 Talents to Watch in the 2023 Formula 1 Season

Formula 1 is a top-of-the-class series in the world of motorsport. It is reputable, fun, and exciting to watch, and it has millions of fans across the globe.

If you are also into cars and motorsport, the 2023 F1 season is something you definitely can’t miss. Even if you are a busy college student, it’s always worth finding a solid college essay writing service to delegate your tasks and have more time to enjoy the hot racing season. And here, we will tell you who exactly to watch this year to help you get the best experience possible!

Lewis Hamilton

This driver was a real breakthrough in the Formula 1 world. After the shocking retirement of Michael Schumacher, the Mercedes team replaced the legend with an aspiring star Hamilton. Since then, he’s been a dominant force in the series. He already boasts lots of exciting wins and records, so we can’t wait to watch him on track in 2023.

Oscar Piastri

This 21-year-old phenom is expected to be one of the most exciting drivers to watch this year. Oscar Piastri is already called one of the most coming racers we’ve seen in years. Despite his young age, he already boasts the win of the F2 championship and plenty of racing experience. Now we all are anticipating his arrival at F1.

Max Verstappen

Another champ we can’t wait to see on track is Max Verstappen. You must know him as the 2021 and 2022 F1 champ. Currently racing for Red Bull, Verstappen is widely known for his unique, fairly aggressive style of driving. He often becomes the main topic of discussion in the F1 world, so one way or another, he’s definitely worth watching this season.

Charles Leclerc

There is no secret that Ferrari – one of the strongest F1 teams of all time, has been struggling in recent years. Still, it remains one of the teams worth watching. Especially now, with its promising 1st driver Charles Leclerc. Leclerc’s career started only in 2019. By 2022, he’d already scored 18 pole positions, 5 race wins, and also his first grand slam. Experts believe that this young talent has a chance to create his legacy in the series. So don’t hesitate to observe his career in 2023.

Yuki Tsunoda

Another young talent, Yuki Tsunoda, is only 22 and is already called one of the most promising prospects in F1. Last year, he finished 17th in the World Championship. But he’s still learning and will definitely try to do better this year. 

The Bottom Line

Every season of Formula 1 is always an exciting event. This year won’t be an exception. So, read unbiased essay writing service reviews to find your trusted homework helper and have all the time you need to enjoy the upcoming racing season! Now you have a better idea of who to keep an eye on this year. So sit back and enjoy the exciting competition!