Tom Cruise furious with Lewis Hamilton amid Shakira romance

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has had his own advancements toward Shakira rejected as "buddy" Lewis Hamilton continues to dine with the pop star.

A recent insider source has claimed that Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, is unhappy with “buddy” Lewis Hamilton.

In recent weeks pop sensation Shakira and Lewis Hamilton have been pictured enjoying time together, the last sighting coming after the Spanish Grand Prix – a race in which the Briton finished second.

As reports claim, Cruise had been making advances of his own, although Shakira has since requested that the actor restrain from flirting with her as she is newly single.

The pop icon spent 11 years with ex-Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique, with the former couple sharing two boys.

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However, the inside source has stated Cruise told friends that he and Shakira “had incredible chemistry and taking it as a slam dunk, they’d be dating in no time.”

Geo TV has also reported on the matter suggesting that Shakira sent a message to Cruise ultimately rejecting the actor.

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The source is apparently aware Cruise has been struggling to find a suitable partner.

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In addition, since Cruise has learnt of a potential romance between Hamilton and Shakira, he has been “stung all the more because he considers Lewis a buddy.”

The identity of the source remains unknown, but the comments listed were reported to Heat magazine.