This is what it’s like to live with Lando Norris

Sacha Fenestraz will race for the Nissan Formula E Team in 2023 after making a single substitute appearance in the series last year.

Sacha Fenestraz has had an interesting route to success in motorsport, having now lived in Japan, England, France, Argentina and Italy in his bid to find a home in the sport.

The Frenchman made a single appearance in Formula E last season with Dragon/Penske Autosport, standing in for former Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi who was ruled out of a race with a hand injury.

Fenestraz must have impressed those in the Formula E paddock in his stand in performance, as he will race for Nissan Formula E Team this year alongside Norman Nato.

In a bid to find his way in motorsport in 2018, the French-born driver shared a small flat in Guildford with McLaren star Lando Norris, who was competing in the Formula 2 championship with Carlin at the time.

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Fenestraz has revealed that the pair lived as you would expect two young racing drivers to, with two simulator setups in the living room which were almost constantly in use.

“It was a dream,” he said. “I’m not going to say it was the healthiest life that we had, because it was all-day long simulator, all-day long playing games.

“But we were training a lot with our trainer, so we were training a lot and playing a lot. It was fun.

“I remember being extremely hot in the summer and Lando kept saying, ‘nah, we don’t need to buy air con, next week it will be cold and raining again’.

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“It ended up being months like that and when we wanted to buy air con, it was sold out everywhere, so we were steaming hot in the apartment.”

The Formula E driver has however admitted than Norris was not necessarily the easiest to live with, as the McLaren star had a tendency to leave his Weetabix boxes lying around the house.

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“He had so many of them around the house! He even had one with his own name on it, because Weetabix did one for him,” explained Fenestraz.

“He wasn’t the tidiest guy I have ever met, but nowadays we still laugh about it!”

Even Fenestraz could not have predicted the rise to fame that his flatmate would have in the coming years, as Norris is now one of the most highly rated drivers on the grid, with Red Bull reportedly interested in securing his services in the future.