This is how much it costs to buy Fernando Alonso’s eBike

Fernando Alonso’s brand Kimoa have now released his own eBike, available for purchase internationally.

The Miami Grand Prix weekend was a spectacle enjoyed by Formula 1 fans all around the world, with shows, driver presentations and parties making for a weekend full of American glitz and glamour.

One thing that may have been slightly overlooked was Fernando Alonso unveiling his eBike project with Kimoa, with the bike in question now available for purchase worldwide.

Alonso is a well-known cycling fan, with the Spaniard owning his own bicycle which bears the livery of Alpine as well as decals of his World Championship victories.

Alonso’s Kimoa release features both a traditional bicycle and a pedal assisted eBike, which can be customised in over half a million different ways, depending on your preference for handlebars, spokes, drop bars and many more.

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Alonso has used his knowledge of Formula 1 to create a sturdy and efficient bike, with the bike offering more rigidity and strength than other brands of bicycle.

This strength is a result of the bike’s single carbon fibre model, with one continuous piece of carbon fibre being used to create the Kimoa bike, rather than multiple pieces being welded together which creates weak points at the joins.

The electric version of the bike comes with a 250-watt pedal-assist motor, which makes pedalling easier for the rider by supplementing the force they provide with electric power.

The range of the motor is 60 miles and takes approximately two hours to complete a full charge, meaning that owners of the bike are unlikely to ever encounter a situation where they lose power mid ride.

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“At the heart of Kimoa’s DNA is our driver to create a more sustainable lifestyle,” said Alonso at the launch of his eBike.

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“The Kimoa eBike powered by Areve gives people a curated step towards that active and sustainable lifestyle, tailored specifically for each rider.”

The classic version of the Kimoa eBike will set you back £2272.

Alonso’s decision to design and release such a product might suggest that the Spaniard is attempting to use his experience in motorsport to prepare for ventures following the end of his racing career, with the 41-year-old certainly in the latter end of his time in F1.