The Greatest races of Sebastian Vettel

One of formula one all-time greats, Sebastian Vettel, officially hung up his racing helmet at the end of the 2022 season. He debuted as a test driver in 2006, went on to become a force to be reckoned with during the peak of his career (2010-2013), and continues to be a fan-favorite worldwide. His racing resume is right up there with the best, so the news of his retirement has undoubtedly left many fans heartbroken. 

His legacy is that of a motorsport genius with a championship mindset. He ranks third in the list of all-time F1 race winners; he had many glorious moments on the racetrack, with fifty-three victories, four successive championship titles, and many record-breaking performances to his name. So, let’s remind ourselves of some of his breathtaking moments of brilliance on the racetrack representing his remarkable career spent with five different teams. Continue reading to discover formula 1 best races played by Sebastian Vettel.

Three greatest races of Sebastian Vettel

Let’s review Vettel’s best moments on tracks. Below we have compiled a list of the most legendary Sebastian Vettel races – keep scrolling to find out!

1. 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

If you ever wondered, “What was Sebastian Vettel’s best race?” – look no further than the Abu Dhabi GP in 2010! This race also allowed him to clinch the title of the youngest champion at 23.

During his fifth season, Sebastian Vettel, racing for terrific Red Bull, persisted against strong, ruthless competition and won the championship thanks to his flawless performance. This made his tenth career victory so far and his first championship. It’s undoubtedly one of the historic sebastian vettel wins. The race was packed with tension and excitement, and you can replay this match anytime you want by accessing the race archives on any of your favorite online streaming platforms.

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2. 2008 Italian Grand Prix

In his first full season of Formula One, Vettel produced one of the most incredible performances in F1 history. The circumstances of the race, including his lack of experience, a rather austere car, and the tricky terrain, make this victory so memorable. Vettel himself called the victory a miracle win achieved against all odds. Even though his car wasn’t a front-runner by any means, he made five top-ten finishes already that year.

Despite racing with the slowest car, Vettel managed a spectacular early lap. Experts predicted Vettel to fall back quickly down the order, but he drove out of his skin to secure a miraculous start-to-finish victory that belied his youth and marked him as a guaranteed future star.

3. 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

In the 2012 GP, while maintaining 13 points lead from the Spanish 4Fernando Alonso with three laps to cover, a hat trick of world titles was on the horizon for Vettel. But that looked much less likely after his car halted in the middle of a race, which sent Vettel to the back of the grid for the race with Red Bull then opting to make further changes to the car, which saw the Germans starting the race from pit.

The situation transitioned from bad to worse, and the title seemed to sink through his fingers. But on the juncture, Vettel embarked on a mighty charge on the field, racing wheel to wheel with Jenson buttons, and finally claimed a place on the podium. It was a thrilling performance.


Is Sebastian Vettel one of the best F1 drivers?

Yes! He boasts the remarkable run of four successive championship titles while ranking as third-best among F1 race winners of all-time. He is undoubtedly among the very best drivers in the league.

Who is the greatest Grand Prix driver of all time?

The greatest driver in Formula One racing is the topic of one the most heated debates amongst F1 fans. It’s a question with many answers, but simply looking at the statistics can point you toward the best in the league. Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, and Sebastian Vettel are among the best drivers on the racetrack. Vettel, in his prime, was practically invincible. Vettel’s record-breaking victories and grand slams represent his unforgettable legacy.

Final thoughts

Sebastian Vettel is a name in F1 sports that carries an unmatched legacy. Throughout the highs and lows of the sport, every moment in the race showed his passion for the game, and his brilliance is sure to be missed by fans and critics alike. If you wish to replay any of his exciting matches, be sure to download a VPN for uninterrupted access.