‘The FIA may as well be called the Anti-Hamilton Foundation’

Lewis Hamilton finished seventh in the Belgian GP sprint race.

Lewis Hamilton’s fans were far from happy with the FIA following the Belgian Grand Prix sprint race, after the seven-time World Champion had fourth place taken away from him.

Hamilton had shown good pace on the Intermediate tyres during the sprint, which saw him close up on Sergio Perez.

The duo went on to jostle for fourth in the final sector, where contact was made between the pair.

Hamilton hit the side of Perez and gained the position, something which saw the British driver slapped with a five-second time penalty.

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The collision punctured a hole in Perez’s sidepod, something which caused him to retire from the race.

When the penalty was added to his finishing time, Hamilton was demoted from fourth to seventh, much to his disappointment.

Due to so few points having been available in the sprint race, Mercedes decided against appealing the penalty, which Hamilton was convinced was nothing more than a “racing incident”.

The British driver’s fans seemingly agreed with him, with one fan having called the FIA the “Anti Hamilton Foundation”.

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“2 drivers going side by side keeping it on the track… yet the FIA give a penalty to Hamilton. The FIA may as well be called the ‘Anti Hamilton Foundation’ by this point,” said @LH44Joseph on Twitter.

Several fans commented on the post, after sharing a similar view.

“Very good name for the FIA. May borrow that one in the future,” commented @KimF1Fanatic.

“Calling them the AHF from now on,” said @pitlaneincident.

Not every fan agreed that the FIA got the decision wrong though, as many criticised Hamilton’s supporters for their view of the incident.

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“Maybe Lewis should stop hitting Red Bulls from the inside with his left front,” said @cfusionpm.

“And if that seems oddly specific, it’s because he’s done exactly that a surprising number of times. You’d think at this point, it’s a “Lewis” problem…”

Another F1 fan, @chrisenzi said: “Don’t slide over in a corner, maybe he should try and hold his line instead of trying to push the outside driver wide. But this Hamilton move only happens if the car on the outside says redbull on the side of it.”