‘The Continued Silence Is Deafening’: F1 Fans React To Carlos Sainz Sr’s Kart Circuit Blackface Ad

A number of F1 fans have shared their views on the matter, with the incident clearly dividing opinions.

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Earlier this month, the Sainz family found themselves in hot water after fans noticed an advert for Carlos Sainz Sr’s Madrid-based kart circuit featured a man wearing blackface.

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This unleashed a barrage of fury and criticism against Sainz Sr and his son, Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz.

No member of the Sainz family has yet addressed the incident, and Scuderia Ferrari didn’t respond a request for comment from Formula1News.co.uk.

Just over a week after the controversial advert set F1 social media alight, Formula1News.co.uk has spoken to a few fans to get their take on the matter.

Akshar Patel, from the UK, was especially critical of the Sainz family and, in particular, slammed them for not addressing the outrage.

“For me, the Sainz family should know better! The continued silence on Jr’s social media is deafening,” Patel told this publication.

Rocio, a Valencia-based F1 fan, said she felt the incident was being blown out of proportion, though she accepted that it’s not surprising some people were offended:

“I think to people in London or the US who don’t know about this Spanish tradition, it seems very racist.

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“I do agree that it should no longer be used, but I think the amount of anger on Twitter was too much for something like this.”

Meanwhile, Paula Fernandez from Madrid said that blackface has long been used to depict one of the Three Kings (the theme the advert was based on), but she was nevertheless critical of the Sainz family.

“I think they should have at least said something. Like, issued an apology or clarified if they were directly involved in the making of the ad or not,” she added.

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