The Big Stories in Formula 1 in 2022

It seems only seconds ago that we were excitedly awaiting the final race of the season to see which of Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen would win the drivers’ championship. We all know how dramatically that story ended. But now we are just weeks away from a brand new 2022 F1 season.

Those two incredible drivers will be attracting a lot of the headlines once again – and will be a feature of most of the Formula 1 betting. But there are plenty more stories surrounding the upcoming season. There are new drivers, improved teams and new car designs to get excited about. Here are five things we are particularly looking forward to this season in F1.

The Title Race

Although there is a lot more going on in F1 this season, all eyes will be on – hopefully – another epic duel between the reigning champion Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton going for a record eighth title. Last year showed just how competitive these two are – and we just can’t wait for them to get behind the wheel again.

Hamilton will have a new partner in the form of George Russell – and it will be interesting to watch how the British driver reacts as the challenger after four years of being number one. All eyes will be on the main two in Bahrain – but it is sure to be another season-long duel. Who will come out on top this year?

New Rookie

With Kimi Raikkonen retiring and Antonio Giovanazzi moving to Formula E, there will be a brand new driver on the grid this year. Guanyu Zhou will become the first ever Chinese driver to race in Formula 1 – and he will be the only rookie this year, making him an even more interesting watch.

Zhou will be the new partner of Valterri Bottas at Alfa Romeo, who has moved over from Mercedes. It will be interesting to see whether the new driver looks to stamp his own authority on F1, or if he is quite happy to go with the wishes of the team. He will also, of course, eventually have the chance to drive in his home country as the Chinese Grand Prix is here to stay.

New Car Designs

There are a few unknowns this year – and one of those is because of the new car designs. We wait to see whether the new specifications will have a big impact on the races, but they can only be good for the sport. The new regulations have been brought in to improve the Grand Prix experience.

The cars will be safer, first of all, which is something that everyone can agree is a good thing. But a new design for the look of the cars, allowing them to race closer, should also make for an improved spectacle. The potential for more on-track passing means more exciting races.