‘That’s not good’: Miami GP boss accepts criticism after inaugural race

Lewis Hamilton was one of a number of drivers to complain about the Miami International Autodrome and especially its surface following the grand prix.

The inaugural Miami Grand Prix was certainly a glamourous spectacle in regards to its facilities, however on track a number of issues with the Miami International Autodrome were raised following the race.

An issue that was raised throughout the weekend was the poor grip that met drivers when attempting to overtake.

Some of the twenty drivers explained how when moving-off the racing line to overtake an opponent, they were greeted with minimal grip.

The track surface at the newly built circuit which surrounds the Hard Rock Stadium, home to NFL side the Miami Dolphins, is already being looked at ahead of next year’s race as explained by the boss of the Miami Grand Prix, Tom Garfinkel.

“The surface itself, we’re evaluating. We want to make sure we get that right because, obviously, if they can’t get outside the racing line, then there’s not going to be as much overtaking, and that’s not good,” he said.

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“I’m not the track designer, but the direction that I wanted was to have as much overtaking as possible. When someone gets passed, they get passed back. You know?

“We’re going to take a really hard look at that and we’ll make whatever changes we need to, if we need to, to make the track as good as we can.”

Hamilton was one of the main drivers who made his criticisms of the circuit public, the Mercedes driver highlighted issues surrounding the surface and the shockingly tight turns 14-15.

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This section which Hamilton referred to as a B&Q car park, saw two heavy crashes earlier in the weekend with Esteban Ocon and Carlos Sainz falling victim to the limited run-off.

Garfinkel has since told the media that this specific section of the circuit was designed to slow the new generation cars down, and that he is open to track changes for 2023.

“We’re open to changing whatever we need to to make the track better,” Garfinkel said.

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“I think the challenge with the chicane… I don’t know if we communicated well enough why it exists and where it exists. It was a bit of a necessary evil, if you will, to get the track big enough to create the rest of the race track to be great.

“That’s an area where we have to really slow people down, because we didn’t have enough run-off space.

“I think, from talking to some folks at F1 and the FIA, there’s an opportunity to maybe change that a little bit to make it better.”