‘That’s a friggin nightmare!’: Lewis Hamilton admits fear about son racing in F1

Lewis Hamilton made a surprising revelation and shared some bad news with his loyal fans.

Following the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix, a clip of seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton from the end of September has resurfaced on social media.

A clip from an interview between Hamilton and Channel 4’s Steve Jones has been found on Instagram, where the 37-year-old discussed what he wants his children to work as, should he ever have any.

The conversation in question actually shows the Mercedes driver explaining that he wants any future kids to pursue sports other than Formula 1, with the “prospect” of the Hamilton name returning to F1 in the future being a “friggin nightmare” for the 103-time Grand Prix winner.

“I just hope that when I have, if I have kids they don’t want to be racing drivers,” Hamilton told Channel 4 during an interview.

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“Really, no?” asked Jones.

“No I don’t” Hamilton replied.

“Well when you look at our sport when you look at all the ex-drivers then their kids come through, it’s different for the kids following, right,” the Mercedes driver continued.

“Ok, yeah,” Jones said.

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“I don’t want…” added Hamilton.

“Firstly, that pressure to be there. I don’t want, because people then say, ‘you only got there because your name is Senna, or your name is so-and-so’,” explained the Stevenage-born driver.

“Goodness, to think of another Hamilton in the car that’s a prospect,” said Jones.

“That’s a friggin nightmare,” instantly replied Hamilton.

“No, I’d want them to get lessons from Serena [Williams] and be the next tennis player you know.”

Interestingly, Hamilton’s point of drivers being compared to their fathers is arguably true, with Mick Schumacher specifically being proof of that.

Whilst Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, is also an ex-F1 driver, the Red Bull star eclipsed his father’s achievements a long-time ago.

Jos actually retired from the vast majority of his races at the pinnacle of motorsport but did claim two podiums in 1994.

Max, of course, has gone on to claim two World Championships and so far, 33 wins, with the Mexican Grand Prix perhaps set to be the 34th of his career.

Schumacher, on the other hand, has had much bigger shoes to fill, with his father being seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher.

Michael dominated the sport from 2000-2004 but was a leading figure since his first full season in the championship in 1992.

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He went on to claim 91 victories across his career, with Hamilton being the only driver to eclipse his feats, which many believed to be unmatchable, let alone beatable.

Mick has been compared to his father many times, with it seemingly unfair to do so given the team the 23-year-old is at.

Nevertheless, it does prove Hamilton’s point, with any child of the Mercedes driver being highly likely to be compared to him given he is statistically the greatest F1 driver of all-time.