‘That was wrong’: Lewis Hamilton apologises for ‘ignorant’ dress comment

Sir Lewis Hamilton made an ill-judged comment on social media in 2017.

Sir Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he was out of line for joking about his nephew’s decision to wear a dress during an Instagram video.

Over four years ago, just after of the 2017 season, Hamilton was filming his nephew wearing a pink dress, and he jokingly shouted, “boys don’t wear dresses.”

The seven-time champion likely did not quite realise the severity of those words, nor the effect it might have on transexual people, so he quickly apologised for the “inappropriate” remark.

Since then, Hamilton has very much learned from his mistake. He frequently campaigns for equality and social justice, and has been a committed ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

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He and Sebastian Vettel have both been publicly critical about anti-LGBTQ+ laws imposed in Hungary and Saudi Arabia, where people are persecuted, sometimes even executed, for being anything other than heterosexual.

Having redeemed himself from a moment of poor judgement, Hamilton realises that he has had to overcome a lot of the stigmas that he grew up with as a child.

“That was so stupid. I realised that a lot of my upbringing was coming out, I went with just an ignorant moment,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair, for whom he will be their September cover star.

“I realised that was wrong and so then finding ways of not necessarily undoing it, but showing that community that I support them.”

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In the modern-day world of social media, it is more or less impossible to unmake a mistake, but it is possible to learn, grow and show that one has become a better person as a result.

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“It’s difficult in today’s world, it’s difficult to undo things,” explained Hamilton after posing in a kilt during his shoot with the magazine.

He has often posted messages of support for the LGBTQ+ community on social media, and he proudly carries the rainbow on his crash helmet.

The Mercedes driver posed in a bright pink suit during his shoot after Red Bull junior Juri Vips made a homophobic comment while refusing to wear a pink hat – he has since been removed from his role as test and reserve driver.

When Hamilton went to Disneyland Paris with his nephew, he asked the 103-time race winner if he could wear a dress – he did not need to ask twice.

“I was like, let’s go,” affirmed Hamilton.

It continues to amaze Hamilton that, even in his late thirties, he continues to learn lessons from children.

“What’s crazy is you have to learn something [about life] from a six-year-old,” he stated.

Hamilton also launched his Mission 44 charity last year, and he aims to diversify Formula 1 by getting more women, black people and LGBTQ+ members involved in the pinnacle of motorsport.