Team principal backs Hamilton in row with the FIA

Sir Lewis Hamilton has continued to push back against the FIA's enforcement of the jewellery regulation.

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner does not have a particular opinion on whether or not jewellery should be worn in the car, but affirms that rules are rules.

The FIA introduced a new sporting regulation in 2005 that mandates that piercings are to be removed before a driver steps into a race car due to the fire hazards attached to not doing so.

The drivers have twice been reminded of it this season, and Sir Lewis Hamilton was defiant in Miami as he rocked up to the press conference wearing a multitude of effects, including bracelets, rings and watches.

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The 37-year-old was given until this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix this weekend to make his permanent fixtures removeable, but this is set to be extended while the drivers continue to discuss the matter with president of the FIA medical commission, Dr Peter Petherbridge.

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen wears his wedding ring in the car, but asides from that neither he nor team-mate Mick Schumacher wear metallic artefacts in the cockpit.

Steiner indicates that the regulation is perhaps slightly excessive, but acknowledges that the rules are fairly clear.

“I think the big picture, it’s fair to everyone, it’s in the rules, the regulations,” he said.

“It’s not an invention that you have to take it out. It’s in the regulations that you cannot have it so I personally have no problem with having earrings or whatever.

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“I asked our guys; they have no piercings or whatever. They’re OK; we’re not in the mix here. 

“For me, it’s a little bit [excessive]… but it’s the rules. Some people have got the job to enforce rules, and they have to do it.”

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As a result, the Italian believes that everyone would be behind an alteration of the rules to allow for some more freedom.

“So if they need to change the rules, I think everybody would agree to change this,” explained Steiner.

All in all though, the rules do not really affect Steiner’s team, so he has no strong feelings either way.

“We’re in 2022. I’m fully for if somebody likes it, it’s fine for me,” he added.

“Obviously, if it’s dangerous for somebody not to do… But there’s a claim that it isn’t. I’m neither here nor there. I have no piercings; my drivers have no piercings, so we’re good!”

Steiner’s Haas team sit eighth in the Constructors’ Championship after a disappointing race in Spain that was preceded by a strong qualifying.