Jessica Hawkins

‘No war’: Vettel reveals new helmet design in support of Ukraine

Sebastian Vettel has changed the design of his crash helmet ahead of the second pre-season test in Bahrain to reflect his opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The helmet remains white, but the usual German flag stripes running along the it have been replaced by blue and yellow ones in homage to the Ukrainian flag.

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton in Hungary 2021.v1

W Series driver hails Vettel and Hamilton as ‘figureheads’ of F1

W Series driver Jessica Hawkins has praised Sebastian Vettel and Sir Lewis Hamilton for their efforts in helping to make Formula 1 a better sport for all. The seven-time world champion set up the Hamilton commission in 2020 in an attempt to encourage greater diversity in the pinnacle of motorsport, while Vettel, who won four