Britta Roeske

Sebastian Vettel’s press officer spotted at Le Mans 24 Hours

Sebastian Vettel’s long-time press officer Britta Roeske was in attendance at the Le Mans 24 Hours last weekend, as she reported from the pit-lane for French TV station L’Equipe. It was certainly a very different environment to Formula 1 for Roeske, who has worked for Vettel as his press officer since the four-time World Champion


Britta Roeske opens up on Sebastian Vettel’s refusal to follow ‘PR orders’

There is certainly no driver quite like Sebastian Vettel, in terms of his driving style and most importantly, his personality. The four-time World Champion’s retirement was an extremely sad one for the world of Formula 1, with Vettel’s long-term press officer Britta Roeske believing that the sport “should miss” the 35-year-old. Vettel has never been