Susie Wolff inspired by Lewis Hamilton ‘as a human being’

Susie Wolff has said Sir Lewis Hamilton has "an incredible ability in the car, and out of the car."

Venturi Formula E team principal and wife of Toto Wolff, Susie, has heaped praise onto seven-time world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Wolff and the 37-year-old formed a relationship that dates back to 20 years ago when they were both kart racing, and Susie has spoken of her “admiration and respect” for the Mercedes star.

Speaking on the Beyond the Grid podcast, Wolff explains that Hamilton was reminiscing with her about their karting days.

“The first thing he does is ask me how my parents, John and Sally, are,” Wolff said.

“I just have so much admiration and respect for Lewis, what he’s achieved, how he manages his life to be the best possible racing driver that he can be.”

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She also mentioned how she and Hamilton’s father, Anthony, would watch his races together.

Not only does Wolff speak highly about Hamilton as a driver, but she also commented about how much she admires Hamilton for speaking out and fighting for issues that he finds important.

“I’m inspired by Lewis as a racing driver, but also as a human being.”

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While politics affect Formula 1, Wolff commented about how well Hamilton is able to speak out on controversial topics.

“Obviously, I see that some of the negative comments around what he does, and how vocal he is in different areas, but you know what? It takes guts to be different.

“I know that to a lesser extent because I was different in the paddock, and it’s easy to be the same as everyone else. It’s easy just to rock up, race, leave and not worry.

“But he has the guts to be different, to stand up and to use his platform for other causes, and I think that’s got to be commended. Because the easier route is to do nothing.

“I think where he’s at now, and the determination he has, and his ability off track to do what he does and to move on—it takes a lot of strength,” she added.

With seven Drivers’ Championships, 103 race wins and 103 pole positions, Hamilton is statistically the most successful driver to have ever competed in the sport.

However, he has had a poor start to 2022, with Mercedes failing to provide him with a front-running car, and he currently sits fifth in the standings.