Stefano Domenicali: ‘We cannot comment on Max Verstappen and Red Bull’

Red Bull's Max Verstappen has dominated the 2022 championship, with 14 wins from the 20 completed races.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali isn’t expecting the interest in the final two races of the year to decrease, despite both titles having already been firmly wrapped up.

The Italian revealed during an investors’ call that the Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are both sold-out, meaning the excitement firmly remains at both venues.

Whilst Red Bull have dominated the season, there is still plenty to play for in the other positions, most notably the fight for fourth between McLaren and Alpine.

Domenicali thinks this is where there will be a “lot of attention” heading into the final two races, due to the financial reward at stake in the Constructors’ Standings.

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“We don’t see any kind of risk at all,” Domenicali said during an investors’ call.

“First of all, we have the last two races with sold-out tickets and the numbers are really growing.

“The attention will shift to other fights from the sporting perspective, so that is part of racing.

“As you have seen in the last [few] races, there is a lot of attention. There is a fight for places that from the teams’ perspective is related to their financial position and the financial reward if they achieve a better position compared to the other teams.

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“I think there will be a lot of interest in Brazil and Abu Dhabi with no problem.”

The season has a whole has been somewhat underwhelming given Red Bull’s superiority; however, that should perhaps be applauded rather than frowned upon, given that they have dominated due to designing the best car.

A low point for the season is that only Red Bull and Ferrari have actually claimed a victory, with the gap between the frontrunners and the midfield having increased, following two years of the gap decreasing.

Domenicali still thinks the new regulations, though, have been “totally positive”, with it being a case that certain teams didn’t take the “right opportunities.

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“We are totally positive on the impact that the change of regulations has had this year,” the CEO added.

“We cannot comment on the fact that the team, specifically Red Bull and Max Verstappen, did a great job.

“Maybe some other teams didn’t take the right opportunities, but what we saw on the track with wheel-to-wheel racing, that is what we wanted.”