Stefano Domenicali doubles down on Andretti criticism

Andretti-Cadillac have formally registered their interest in joining the F1 grid, a project that is being entertained by the FIA.

Andretti Global have been attempting to join the Formula 1 grid for a number of years now, a project which has been shut down by F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali a number of times.

The Italian has explained that it would not be a wise decision to unsettle the current paddock by expanding it, having only recently achieved stability on the grid.

Since these rejections however, Andretti Global have partnered with General Motors to form Andretti-Cadillac, making their proposition much more appealing to the sport.

While F1 still continue to reject their advanced, FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has begun looking into the possibility of expanding the grid, claiming that motorsport giants such a Andretti-Cadillac will be nothing but good for the sport.

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Andretti-Cadillac have released a number of statements in recent weeks, explaining that they believe that they would be good for the sport, also revealing that they have officially begun the process of applying to join the grid via the FIA.

Stefano Domenicali has now slammed Andretti-Cadillac for their approach, suggesting that being vocal will not help their chances of joining F1 in the future.

“First of all, we are very welcoming of everyone that is bringing value to the racing,” he told Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle.

“I think we need to respect everyone. There are teams like Mario and Michael Andretti being very vocal about their will to enter Formula 1. But in my view [it is] not smart to say that teams are greedy.

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“There are others that are much less vocal that would like to come into Formula 1, so there is a process to respect and we will make sure together with the FIA that the process will be respected.

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“If all the elements are there, they will be very welcome. There are a lot of dimensions to consider and we don’t have to overreact because someone is pushing the system.”

The relationship between F1 and the FIA has recently been described as an ‘open war’, as Mohammed Ben Sulayem continues to defy the will of F1.

With the 2023 season fast approaching, F1 will hope that they can quickly repair the relationship with the sport’s governing body to ensure a smooth start to the season.