Source makes huge claim about Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton and international musical icon Shakira’s relationship has sparked speculation.

The connection between Lewis Hamilton, the renowned Mercedes Formula One driver, and international superstar Shakira has recently stirred rumours of a bond that transcends friendship. 

Their frequent sightings together over the course of this year, coupled with Shakira’s presence at three different grands prix, have ignited speculation about the nature of their relationship. 

However, both parties have chosen to remain silent on the matter.

Addressing the circulating rumours, Jordi Martin, a journalist with close ties to Shakira, took the initiative to set the record straight. 

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In an interview with Spanish newspaper Marca, Martin emphatically debunked claims from a Catalan newspaper.

He stated, “I can categorically deny this information because I have spoken to Shakira’s entourage, and they confirm that between Shakira and Hamilton, there has always been a beautiful friendship.”

Furthermore, Martin revealed that their relationship extended beyond mere camaraderie. 

He elaborated, “The two knew very clearly that there was nothing serious and that there was total freedom between them to do whatever they wanted.”

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Additional insights into their interactions have emerged, shedding light on their rendezvous locations. 

Marca disclosed the residence where Hamilton and Shakira had recently crossed paths. 

According to the newspaper, Hamilton would discreetly enter the complex, presumably to meet with Shakira. 

Tamara Gorro, a television presenter, shared this information during a Spanish TV segment. 

She confirmed, “We can confirm, based on someone I’ve spoken to, that they’ve seen Hamilton entering this complex one night. 

“The thing is, they haven’t been seen outside of this luxurious and very private complex.”

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As whispers of their affiliation continue, details about Shakira’s presence in Ibiza prior to the F1 Belgian Grand Prix have come to light. 

Reportedly staying at the Villa Coco Loco, Shakira’s activities in the period leading up to the race raised intrigue. 

Sources claimed that Hamilton would venture out to well-known nightclubs to partake in social gatherings, a testament to his active social life.