Source claims Lewis Hamilton contract talks have hit a road block

Mercedes are reportedly reluctant to accept Lewis Hamilton’s demands, as contract negotiations role on.

Lewis Hamilton’s future on the Formula 1 grid is shrouded in uncertainty as Mercedes allegedly grapples with reservations regarding his contractual demands. 

As the 2023 season unfolds with Hamilton and Mercedes grappling under the new regulations, their erstwhile decade-long dominion has been decisively supplanted by Red Bull’s emergence under the helm of Max Verstappen.

The 2023 season has brought fresh challenges to Hamilton and Mercedes, compelling them to confront a competitive landscape that has evolved substantially due to Red Bull’s ascendancy. 

While Verstappen commands the spotlight as a clear favourite, Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes is poised to expire at the culmination of the campaign.

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Recent weeks have witnessed ongoing negotiations between the 38-year-old racing icon and the Brackley-based Mercedes team. 

However, reports have surfaced suggesting a significant impasse in these discussions. 

According to insights from the Daily Mail, Mercedes is purportedly inclined to extend an offer of a one-year contract extension for the seven-time world champion, with an option for a potential second year. In contrast, Hamilton seeks a longer-term commitment.

Furthermore, Hamilton’s aspirations encompass a comprehensive role as a brand ambassador for Mercedes over a span of ten years, commanding a remuneration of £20 million per annum. 

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The Daily Mail divulges that Mercedes officials are disinclined to concede to these demands. 

Nevertheless, indications point toward a mutual desire for the continuation of their collaborative journey. 

As negotiations unfold, Hamilton faces mounting pressure to recalibrate his stipulations to align with Mercedes’ perspectives.

Reflecting on his contractual status earlier this year, Hamilton conveyed his perspective during a conversation with Sky Sports. 

He emphasised the nuanced nature of their deliberations, stating, “We are in talks, just in the process of going through the motions of what that looks like, what the future looks like, what we want to do.” 

Elaborating on the broader scope of their discussions, Hamilton underlined a commitment to exploring avenues beyond a conventional driver’s contract. 

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“What can we do? 

“We did the Ignite partnership last year on how we can promote diversity within the sport, just exploring different avenues and what else we can do.

“I’m fully integrated within Mercedes-Benz,” Hamilton articulated.