Sky Sports pundits react to Martin Brundle ‘pulling’ 89-year-old

Martin Brundle raised the eyebrows of his fellow Sky Sports colleagues at the 2023 Monaco GP.

Former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle has become a popular pundit on Sky Sports with his pre-race show, as he interviews interesting individuals around the track.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, Brundle was, as always, on the lookout for potential participants, finding an 89-year-old photographer ahead of the third practice session.

“Have we got time to talk to that lady there taking the photographs? I would love to know about her,” Brundle said as the camera spun around.

The lady initially attempted to flee out of the shot believing she was in the way before realising they actually wished to talk to her.

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“Do you speak English, maam?. My name’s Martin, what is your name?” Brundle said.

“Claudia Albuquerque, I admire you and everything that you do, and you’re fantastic,” she replied.

“Well we were thinking the same about you, how long have you been taking photos?,” he continued.

“Since I was 15-years-old, I hate to tell you I’m already 89 but not giving up,” Albuquerque added.

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After wholesome exchange, the photographer couldn’t resist the change to attempt to continue her conversation with Brundle off camera, leaning into him and asking for his card.

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The moment saw Brundle and co-hosts Jenson Button and Simon Lazenby burst into laughter, with the pundit’s colleagues teasing him over the interaction.

Albuquerque is a famous face around Monaco, having spent decades as a key photographer around the principality, photographing their royalty and international events in the region.

With the event proving to be a star-studded event, Brundle will likely have some more entertaining interactions when he hits the track pre-race on Sunday.