Sky F1 pundit escapes horrific fiery incident

The ex-Formula 1 driver pulled off a miraculous save after his rear tyres seized up at the Goodwood Revival festival.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Karun Chandhok did exceptionally well to escape serious injury on Saturday, whilst competing in the Lavant Cup at the Goodwood Revival Festival.

This specific cup features only 1960s Ferrari GTs, a beautiful car to behold.

In Chandhok’s case, it was a beautiful and fiery car, as it suddenly burst into flames.

The incident occurred whilst driving in a straight line, before the fiery burst resulted in a 360-degree spin which Chandhok controlled unbelievably well.

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Once back facing the correct direction, Chandhok immediately pulled off onto the grass, before quickly jumping out of the car.

Not long after the incident, Chandhok’s brother, Suhail, posted footage of it onto social media, whilst he also mentioned how pleased he was that Karun was okay.

“Scary moment for Karun Chandhok minutes ago in the iconic GTO,” he wrote on Twitter/X.

“Most importantly just really glad he’s ok but I have to say that save, car control and presence of mind to quickly get it off circuit and onto the grass was IMPRESSIVE.

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“We thought we were done with stressful moments as a family of a racing driver but guess that’s the nature of the beast.”

Chandhok soon took to social media himself to add that he was absolutely fine, with the exception of a “melted boot”.

He revealed that something in the car “went bang” and resulted in the rear wheels seizing, which caused the spin.

It certainly wasn’t how Chandhok was hoping his time in his “dream GT car” would end.

“Lucky to get away with that with nothing more than a melted boot…. Something went bang and seized up the back wheels and sent me spinning,” Chandhok said on Twitter/X.

“Such a shame to end a race in my dream GT car like that but happy to get out ok!”

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Several big racing names were competing in the Goodwood Revival, including 2009 F1 World Champion Jenson Button.

Since retiring from F1, Button is often seen competing in the yearly festivals, with this season’s Goodwood Revival having been no different.

He’ll likely return next season, as will Chandhok presumably.