Sky F1 forced to apologise for Lance Stroll’s conduct

Lance Stroll appeared to push his personal trainer after being eliminated in Q1 once again in Qatar this weekend.

There is no doubting that this season Lance Stroll has endured a horrific campaign; however, it became significantly worse in Qatar after he appeared to push his personal trainer.

For the fourth Grand Prix in a row, Stroll was eliminated in Q1, despite Aston Martin once again having a car more than capable of progressing to Q3.

The Canadian was slower than both Williams drivers in qualifying, with him set to start Sunday’s race at the Lusail International Circuit in P17.

It was another session to forget for Stroll, who last escaped Q1 at the Dutch Grand Prix, whilst he hasn’t progressed to Q3 since the Belgian Grand Prix prior to the summer break.

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His anger at being eliminated so early once again was clear to the world, as he threw his steering wheel out of his car when he was pushed back into the pits.

Stroll clearly wanted to be on his own, as he brushed his personal trainer aside whilst he tried to inform the driver that he needed to go out of the front of the garage to be weighed.

Despite the personal trainer’s best efforts, Stroll was determined to go out of the back of the garage, to which his personal trainer again tried to stop him.

This is when things took an aggressive turn, as cameras appeared to show the Aston Martin driver pushing his personal trainer, something which happened just out of shot at the back of the garage.

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No comment has been made by Stroll or the team yet regarding the incident; however, he went onto swear in the media pen in one of the shortest interviews ever seen in the sport.

“Yeah, it’s s***,” Stroll said, when asked for his emotions by FOM’s broadcast team after another Q1 elimination.

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An instant apology for Stroll’s poor language was instantly made.

The Canadian was then asked about what isn’t working for him at the moment, given his shocking form.

“I don’t know,” Stroll bluntly replied, before adding that he’d “keep driving” when asked how he’d approach the rest of the weekend.

He then briskly walked off.