Sergio Perez wants Lewis Hamilton to be slapped with penalty

Lewis Hamilton gained two positions on the opening lap of the 2023 Singapore GP after running off the circuit.

Sergio Perez was left unhappy with the FIA race stewards after the Singapore Grand Prix, and their decision not to penalise Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton started the race in fifth but found himself in third by the exit of the third corner, after overtaking Lando Norris and George Russell.

However, he did so off the circuit, after seemingly braking too late for the opening corner.

The seven-time World Champion then followed the correct path to rejoin the circuit, which he did in third.

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Both Russell and Norris instantly complained about the seven-time World Champion over their radios and insisted that he should give up the positions.

To avoid being penalised, Hamilton allowed both Russell and Norris to overtake him, which was the correct thing to do.

It meant he gave up any advantage he gained by going off the circuit, with the stewards having been happy with Hamilton simply giving the places back.

Perez, though, wasn’t happy with the decision and insisted that he should’ve been penalised.

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“To me it was clear that Lewis just [braked] really late and went off the circuit and gained an advantage,” Perez said, as reported by

“Something that we’ve got to understand going forward.”

Whilst Hamilton escaped punishment, Perez didn’t, with the Mexican having been slapped with a post-race five-second time penalty.

Perez was given the penalty after he was deemed to have caused a collision with Alex Albon, which resulted in the Williams driver having to come to a complete stop to avoid hitting a wall.

It was a late and clumsy attempt at an overtake by Checo at Turn 13, which is incredibly tight.

Perez didn’t actually drop any places following the time penalty, due to how far ahead he was of ninth-placed Liam Lawson.

The Red Bull driver was also awarded with a penalty point, which has been added to his super licence.

Despite the penalty, Perez believed that it was simply a “racing incident” with the ex-Red Bull driver.

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“With the Alex incident, there was nothing there,” Perez added. “It was just a racing incident.

“It was quite difficult, quite tricky. Not a nice day for us.

“I think this is circuit dependant and we should be a lot stronger when we are in Japan hopefully.”