Sergio Perez makes bizarre Red Bull request to beat Max Verstappen

Sergio Perez is under mounting scrutiny at Red Bull, as he continues to struggle to get close to Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez has bizarrely asked Red Bull for a car which “doesn’t change so much” in 2024, with him putting his 2023 woes down to the RB19’s development.

When Red Bull introduced the RB19 at the start of the season, Perez was sensational with the base package.

Two wins from the opening four races saw him labelled as Max Verstappen’s only title challenger; however, the Mexican quickly lost touch with his team-mate once the Austrians started upgrading the car.

With each upgrade Red Bull have introduced this season, the more confidence Perez has lost, raising the question whether he would’ve performed better this campaign if no upgrades were introduced at all?

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Whilst the upgrades have seen Perez fall backwards, Verstappen has become stronger as the car has been developed.

Claims of Red Bull upgrading the car to suit Verstappen’s driving-style have been rejected, yet Perez’s comments would suggest that this is the case.

The 33-year-old doesn’t want to be “drifting away” from the car again next season, with him become tired of “making compromises here and there”.

He simply wants a more consistent package next season that sees little change.

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“I think a more consistent base throughout the season and having a car that doesn’t change so much throughout the year,” Perez told Sky Sports.

“That also contributes to being more consistent – I think that will be the key because that was what happened in the first few races.”

He added: “I think when we started developing the car, I felt that the car was drifting away from me.

“I had to keep finding the balance, making compromises here and there. We keep the further details internal to the team.

“It’s something we are all aware of and hopefully next year it can be a different story.”

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If it’s not a “different story” for the Mexican next season, then 2024 will likely be his final campaign as a Red Bull driver.

He’s under immense pressure to improve his performances even before next season gets underway, given that he’s scored just five points in the last three races.

If he were to lose second in the Drivers’ Championship to Lewis Hamilton, then this would cause big problems for Perez.