Sergio Perez: ‘I need to go back and look after my kids’

Sergio Pérez has revealed that he wants to return to his family in Mexico once his career in F1 comes to an end.

Sergio Pérez heads into this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix looking to make it back-to-back street circuit victories, after winning the recent Monaco Grand Prix.

The Mexican stands a great chance at doing just that, after winning the race at the Baku City Circuit last season in what was his first victory for Red Bull Racing.

The 32-year-old currently finds himself just 15 points behind his team-mate Max Verstappen in the World Championship, meaning that Pérez is definitely in with a chance of the title.

However, ahead of this weekend’s event, Pérez has begun to consider life after Formula 1.

The Red Bull driver recently signed a two-year contract extension with Red Bull, keeping him in the sport until at least the end of 2024.

What happens after that is a mystery, but what is for certain is that Pérez won’t be joining another motorsport category.

The Mexican recently told reporters that as soon as his career in the pinnacle of motorsport is over, he will be returning to Mexico to look after his kids.

“I have no interest, to be honest,” Pérez said when asked whether he has any interest of racing in another series.

“In endurance, I don’t know if I will do that one day. I don’t think so.

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“I think once I am done with F1, I need to go back and look after my kids. I already have three. I will be quite busy,” the Mexican driver revealed.

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Pérez has even spoken in the past that he may walk away from the sport, should the calendar grow any larger due to his kids being young.

The likelihood is though that he won’t do that, with his passion for F1 speaking volumes.

The Red Bull driver explained how special winning in Monaco was, especially for someone who has faced a similar journey to himself.

“In terms of the history of the sport, I’m a big fan of my sport,” he said.

“Knowing what it means to win a race like that…they are all very important but certainly it was very special and it goes very high on the list for my country.

“I’m the only Mexican, or even Latin American, driver on the grid. So it just shows how difficult it is for us – I’m not saying for European drivers it’s easy – to make it into the sport and to have a successful career in this sport.

“It’s quite hard, but I have to say I’m extremely proud of it,” Pérez concluded.