Seller wraps £500-stool used by Lewis Hamilton to ‘retain freshness of his butt prints’

Sir Lewis Hamilton was seen sitting on a stool during his visit to Kuala Lumpur with Mercedes team-mate George Russell earlier this month.

A stool used by Mercedes driver Sir Lewis Hamilton has been sold in Malaysia after a variety of memes circulated on social media.

Hamilton took a trip to Malaysia to do some work with Mercedes’ partners Petronas following the 2022 Australian Grand Prix, and the company posted on Facebook that he had been touring the city of Kuala Lumpur with team-mate George Russell.

“Welcome home to Kuala Lumpur,” they wrote in a social media post.

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“We were visited by Lewis Hamilton in our beautiful city after more than two years apart, and he showed George Russell around for the very first time.”

The 37-year-old’s work with Petronas runs close to his heart due to his constant push for a more sustainable and ecologically friendly world, and the Mercedes team announced that the Briton had attended an event with 30 teachers to speak about oil responsibility.

“30 teachers had the chance to quiz Lewis, aiming to remind them that potential lies in every student in their classroom,” they tweeted.

They confirmed that the seven-time champion filmed some “special content” with their oil partner, which will be aired soon.

What caught the eye most though, was a stool that Hamilton was seen sitting on while in the city, and he was photoshopped into a multitude of different locations in Malaysia, including a marketplace, a barber’s shop and the Sepang International Circuit, which played host to 19 championship grand prix.

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Allegedly, the very same stool that he was sat on was then put on Shopee by a user for 2,888.88 Malaysian Ringgit, which is equal to just over £522.

“Special for Formula 1 world racing fans,” read the description of the product, translated from Malay.

“After [Sir] Lewis Hamilton’s visit to Malaysia, we want to sell very rare and limited items.

“Rare seat in Malaysia, once used by world F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.”

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They then said that they had wrapped the stool to retain the freshness of the “butt prints” left by Hamilton.

There is no way of telling whether it is legitimately the same stool sat on by the Mercedes driver, but it was posted by a trusted seller with a rating of 4.9, and the listing was verified by the site.