Sebastian Vettel Believes He Can Win A Fifth Title

Sebastian Vettel has emphasised that he is still motivated to compete at the sharp end of the F1 grid.

Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin 2021 -

Sebastian Vettel’s much-anticipated debut with the Aston Martin F1 Team is just a few weeks away, with the 2021 season set to get underway in Bahrain on 28 March.

The four-time World Champion has admitted that his final season with Ferrari was difficult, but he nevertheless believes he has what it takes to win another F1 crown.

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“It’s not a secret that at stages last year I was not at my happiest, I know it wasn’t to my standards but I am very much at peace with it,” Vettel said.

“This year I am very much looking forwards. I think I have another World Championship in me. It has been in me before and it was a big relief winning the first one and knowing you can do it.

“Since then, I don’t see why it is not there anymore. I am not too old and I still have a long time in me.”

The German also praised his new team for punching above their weight and said “things are different here” compared to Ferrari.

“The team is still growing and things are different here,” he said.

“It is not about the fancy looks or the expensive, designer chairs in the office but more about the work done behind the scenes and from what I have seen the people are very capable and very talented. 

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“It’s the first time in the last one or two years that they are getting the oxygen to breathe.”

Additionally, Vettel said that “Formula One is changing” and teams can potentially now jump up the pecking order in a relatively short space of time:

“Maybe you don’t need those three to five years anymore.”

“Maybe it will shrink and the hope is that everyone will be closer to the top and not just finish on the podium because the guys at the front retired or crashed.”

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