Sebastian Vettel warns Fernando Alonso as he admits Aston Martin ‘fell into trap’

Fernando Alonso will replace the retiring Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin next season.

The retiring Sebastian Vettel has opened up on what Aston Martin need to reach the heights they so desperately desire; the heights Vettel was expecting to reach whilst at the Silverstone-based team.

It’s been an extremely challenging period for the four-time World Champion whilst with Aston Martin, with the partnership having realistically failed to what was predicted from it.

Since 2021, the 35-year-old has been an occasional points challenger, rather than a podium contender, something he was used to being from 2009-2020.

Aston Martin are clearly determined to become race winners and championship contenders, with a new factory in the process of being built.

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It’s unlikely they’ll achieve their goals until 2026, though, when the new engine regulations are introduced.

The British side took a clear step backwards in 2022 when the new aerodynamic regulations were introduced, with their seventh-place position in the Constructors’ Championship somewhat better than they’re realistically capable of.

They had been ninth for the majority of the season; however, they massively capitalised on the back-to-back wet races.

Vettel thinks the team needs to be looking to get a “good start” on 2026, with “time” being needed at the side to reach the top.

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“The people are in place, the new factory is being built, so it’s all coming together – but it will take time,” Vettel said during an interview with Aston Martin.

“There was a huge chance with the regulation changes this year, but we fell into the same trap as many others did.

“Some teams maybe got a little lucky, designing a car around a ride height that would work.

“Now we have these regulations until 2026, so the teams that had a good start will have a headstart over the teams that had a bad start.

“And the budget cap means you can’t just throw money and resources at the problem to catch up.”

Vettel will, of course, be replaced by the oldest driver on the grid in 2023, Fernando Alonso.

The duo knows each other incredibly well, having been fierce rivals from really 2010-2014.

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Vettel doesn’t think Alonso needs “any advice”, with the 53-time Grand Prix winner confident that the Spaniard will “be fine”.

“Fernando doesn’t need any advice. I’m not sure he’s taking any advice, but he doesn’t need it anyway,” added the German.

“He’s been around for so long and seen so much – he’ll be fine.”