Sebastian Vettel Says He Still ‘Deeply Cares’ About Ferrari

Relations with Ferrari went south in recent seasons, but Sebastian Vettel has insisted he still “deeply” cares about the Scuderia.

Sebastian Vettel Ferrari interview -

Soon-to-be Aston Martin Racing driver Sebastian Vettel has said he is excited about his future in Formula One and hopes that Ferrari will be able to mount a recovery over the next few years, as he still “deeply cares” about the team.

“It was a difficult year, but I think I worked a lot in the bigger picture, stuff that will help me for whatever comes next,” Vettel said in a recent interview.

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“I’m very excited for what comes next. I’m sad I leave the team but obviously that’s a decision that’s been taken some time ago and I take it as a man so there’s no problems with that.

“I hope, because I deeply care about this team, they will get back to grips, and Charles will get the car he deserves, and for people like Laurent [Mekies], people in the garage, who are passionate, things will come together, but I’m excited for what comes next for me.

“Obviously it is a new chapter, a big start, and time will tell, but as I said I’ve learned – despite the poor results this year – I’ve learned a lot about myself and my future on track and off track,” Sebastian Vettel added.

2020 was Ferrari’s worst season since 1980, with the team only managing P6 in the F1 Constructors’ Championship.

It was an especially difficult year for Vettel, with him struggling to get to grips with the Ferrari SF1000 and being comprehensively outpaced by team-mate Charles Leclerc.

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